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Description of item

◎ Center camera lens, eyeglasses type camera that can be operated in natural posture!
That standard product resurrected! 
Center lens, "SPI Eye Commando" that gained popularity with top surface operation revived as plain black.
The camera lens is less noticeable, and it is at a level invisible to the naked eye. 
■ Center Camera Lens with Excellent Reproducibility Since the 
camera lens is at the center of the eyeglasses, you can capture the field of view you see almost as it is. 
■ Simple design that is inconspicuous Simple design with 
no unnecessary waste unique to the SPI Eye series. The eyeglasses type is "savory" point. 
■ Easy to use top button Top button 
that can be operated with gesture to correct the glasses position. 
■ Built-in 
memory Built -in 8 GB memory, you can use it as soon as you charge it.

Product Description Outline

Product function

· Movie shooting (with sound) 
· Still picture shooting 
【Color】 Black 
【Movie resolution】 1280x720px 
【still image resolution】 2560x1920px 
【Viewing angle (horizontal)】
Movie: about 57 ° 
Still image: about 50 ° 
※ view The corner is measured by actual measurement.
【Movie format】 AVI 
【Movie compression format】 M-JPEG 
【Number of frames】 29FPS 
【Memory】 8GB Built

Product spec

【Body size】 145mm × 37mm × 155mm (W × H × D)

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