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Description of item

★ Popular digital toy series Thumb size of the smallest class! Authentic compact video camera ★ 
★ Can be taken with hand! Even if it is fixed it can be taken! ★ 
◎ Spiders X will open up a new era with movie, photo, and recording with the mode change button ★ 
. We are developing other rare items not elsewhere!
◎ Extremely popular Spider X, a leading industry with numerous innovative technical inventions! 
◎ Completely original design by unique product design that can only be done by Spider X! 
◎ Spy items gathered cutting-edge technologies to meet the high requirements of professionals! 
◎ Types and number of items of digit differences overwhelming others! Spiders X boasts a famous brand name!

● Compact size together anywhere! Toy digital camera tickling playfulness! 
● Movie achieves the highest image quality of full Hi-Vision 1080P! Easy to handle 720P shooting also! 
● Capture smoothly even in active scenes realizing 30 FPS frame rate! 
● Infrared LED mounted! Shoot well even in the dark! Manual lighting type, visible light type! 
- Three major functions of external power supply & repeat recording & motion detection! Enhanced crime prevention measures without worrying about charging & memory!

Product Description Outline

Capture sharp images to details! High-definition FullHD 1080P image quality realized! 
【2】 The movie can be selected according to the use 1920 × 1080px, 1280 × 720px two sizes! 
【3】 Photograph size is 4032 × 3024px high image quality shooting of 12 million pixels! 
【4】 Infrared LED has an irradiation distance of 2 m! Very light type that emits a slight red light. Reliable specification of manual lighting type! 
【5】 Record important evidence even where it can not point the lens with single recording function! 
【6】 Can be shot without worrying about charging capacity because it has convenient external power supply function! 
【7】 Overwrite old data and leave only the latest data Repeat recording function with continuous recording support! 
【8】 Monitor shooting while checking the angle on the TV screen is also easy with a dedicated cable! 
【9】 Easy setting of shooting date and time of movies and photos! 
【10】 Clip type, stand type two convenient mounts & neck straps Includes how to enjoy! 
【11】 Just connect the personal computer and the dedicated USB cable, easy to check / transfer / delete data!
【12】 Adopting microSD card convenient for long time recording and data movement! It corresponds to a maximum of 32GB!

Product spec

Approximately 20 x 40 x 17 mm (W x W x Thickness) 
【Weight】 Approx. 25 g 
【Waterproof】 Non Waterproof 
【Operating Temperature】 10 ~ 40 ℃ 
【Operating Humidity】 20 ~ 80% max. (No Condensation) 
【 Supported OS] Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / VISTA / XP (Operation confirmed)
【Battery】 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

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