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Description of item

[About the color and size of the item] This is " Product Set of three shirt shirt S color stitch Due Bottoni snap-down shirt [Hand stitch] 3 piece set black (navy · wine red · silver gray stitch) 【Giorno Jorno DType】" product page is. Please check product images and descriptions as there are cases where product information on different colors or sizes is included. 【About delivery desired date designation】· This product can specify delivery desired date and time zone. · When ordering, please specify the desired delivery date on the final confirmation screen. · Depending on the arrival status of goods, delivery area, delivery company's situation, etc., there is a possibility not to meet your desired delivery date / time. · If your order is the day before Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, there is a possibility that you can not receive the desired delivery date at the shortest. · If you wish to deliver in the shortest, please order without designation. [Notes] - Cancellation and returned goods after ordering a product can not be accepted. · When shipping to Okinawa, remote islands and some areas additional shipping fee may apply. · The product will be handed over at the entrance. We can not accept loading into the room or assembly installation. Black Due Bottoni floating in adults! Hand stitch type color stitch is modern and elegant! "Color stitch Due Bottoni snap-down shirt hand stitch type 3 piece set" with 5 sizes available with cuffs button 3 pairs! ● Due Bottoni

ue Bottoni is the meaning of "two buttons" in Italian. Since the first button has two buttons, the collar is higher than ordinary shirts, and collar does not bend even in no-tie style, so it will not be sloppy. Of course it is OK even if you wear tie and work clothes. You can enjoy casual fashion style in V zone.
● Glossy black 
fabric, glossy black full of luxury. In addition, putting out a pattern with weave yarn, since it has been subjected to dobby weave, fashionable feeling is further improved! It is a good impression mistake pleasant just for a casual point. 
● Color stitch 【Hand stitch type】
Adopt color stitch of chic colors on buttonhole and neck, sleeve base. Not too casual, elegantly, casually insisting. Design that you can enjoy fashionable adults. Compatibility with shirts is outstanding, and it makes one point difference to the V zone that tends to be monotonous. 
● Easy care 
Essential to busy businessmen, easy to clean shirt! Use 
polyester fiber with excellent shape stability and cotton with excellent breathability / texture. Easy care that is hard and wrinkle-resistant, and can be worn even with a no-iron. Of course the wife is also popular! 
● Point- 
side cut 
cuffs from the commitment point- cut jacket, tailored to the side cut. 
Even just a shirt, it is a casual 
design that makes it casual to wear a jacket . 
4mm thick button Appealing quality with 
thick button of classic type 
. Because the buttonhole and button thread are also color stitching, There should be a lot of eyes to here. 3 sheets set! "Color stitch Due Bottoni - snap down shirt black 3 piece set" ON · OFF Kimaru "Black Due Bottoni" style!

Product spec

○ Color:  White 
○ Size: "M size" 
around the collar / about 39cm 
Sleeve length / about 80cm 
Width of the body / about 57cm 
Length / about 80cm 
cuff around / about 25cm 
"L size" 
Approximately 41 cm 
Sleeve  Length / Approximately 82 cm 
Width of a garment / Approximately 60 cm 
Length / Approximately 82 cm 
cuffs around / Approximately 26 cm 
"LL size" 
around collar / about 43 cm 
sleeve length / about 84 cm 
width of a garment / about 62 cm 
dress length / about 84 cm 
cuff around / about 26 cm 
※ There is no adaptive size. It becomes the actual size which becomes a standard.
○ Material:  65% polyester, 35% cotton 
Producing countries ○: China 
○ Specifications:  before fresh button seven 
 sleeve cuffs tailored button two 
○ Notices:  situation at the time of shooting (of light acceleration and the like), the customer's own Depending on the use environment of personal computers, monitors, etc., the color may look slightly different compared to the actual product. 
 Returns and exchanges due to size differences can not be accepted.

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