Ultrasonic type 1.6L drop type humidifier

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Price : $81.0
Model : WJ - 689
Shipping : 2 - 14 day
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Catch Copy

Enjoy aroma oil, 7 color change steamer with LED lighting

Description of Item

- A humidifier of a beautiful form that moisturizes the room! 
● Ultrasonic type so safe! Auto stop if the water runs out! 
● Color changing LED lighting directs healing space!

It is a season when baplacies and virus rampant in winter, worried about colds and flu. Let's humidify at least in the room to keep the humidity moderate. This product is a compact humidifier which is very easy to handle and safe. Operation is possible only when water is contained, with safety function to automatically stop when water runs out. It moisturizes with humidification, and directs the healing space with an LED lamp that changes in 7 colors. You can enjoy even if you put commercially available aroma oil etc.

Spec of Item

Model WJ - 689 
Power supply AC 
100V (50 / 60Hz) 【Manufacturer / selling agency】 Wiki 
Producer China 
Material Polypropylene · Polystyrene · Other 
Body size
 About width 19 × depth 15 × height 30 cm 
Body weight Approximately 715 g 
Other specs
Power consumption: 27 W 
Adaptive floor area: 6 to 8 tatami 
humidity amount: maximum 300 ml / h 
Continuous use time: 8 hours (Depends on humidity amount) 【How to use】【Inquiries about products 【About delivery】


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