Ultra compact high performance air filtering deodorizer Green Mate

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A deodorizing machine that also removes novel influenza and other viruses and molds

Description of Item

● Compact, high performance air filtering deodorizer born for business use! 
● Nanometer ultraviolet rays, as well as novel influenza, other viruses and fungi are also sterilized! 
● Human safe low concentration Pure ozone decomposes odorous substances!

The air filtering deodorizer "Green Mate" which was born for business purposes is a powerful air filtering and deodorizing device which sterilizes and lyses suspended bacteria and viruses in the air with the power of pure ozone and ultraviolet light. 
Since it becomes carbon dioxide gas and water after sterilization, there is no fear of harming the human body, and it can be said that it is just the best for a hospital where many people with reduced resistance are gathered. 
Originally developed for use in hospitals, shops, hotels, nursing home care facilities, etc. are drawing great attention. That, better than anything, its superior performance. Astounding effects (Kyoto Prefectural University and Osaka Prefectural Institute of Industrial Science and Technology Research) survey on 12 kinds of bacteria, microorganisms, and virus bacteria such as influenza are approved.

Spec of Item

Model number KT - OZI - 06 
Power supply AC 100 V (50/60 Hz) 
Maximum power consumption: 5.4 W (ion + ozone · UV continuous operation) 
manufacturer / Selling agency Asahi Co., Ltd. 
Producer country Japan 
Body size Body: Approximately 9.8 × depth 5.6 × height 21.4 cm 
Base seat size: Approximately 9.8 × depth 7.2 × height 22.5 cm 

Body weight 600 g 
Other specs Adaptive Floor area: 23 m3 (about 14 mat)


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