Air conditioning bed

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Air conditioner mat blown mat

Description of Item

The air flowing in the mat removes heat and moisture 

There is no longer a sleepy night! !               
The biggest reason for sleeping in the summer is that because of heat and moisture the futon and mat are capped with heat and it is impossible to dissipate heat from the body part that is in contact with the mat. 

The biggest decisive factor for solving this is that the body is not in contact with the mat, that is, floating in the air. If the body floats in the air, and the wind is flowing between the mat and the body, the sleepiness due to the heat is solved.  

In air conditioning clothes, as a result of years of research, products of the dream bed "air conditioning bed" by the "super spacer" technology which supports the weight and does not impair the cushioning property and the air passage technique which blows to the space floating the body, Succeeded successfully.

Spec of Item

○ Body: Horizontal 92 × length 200cm 

Packing size
○ Depth 111 × Width 21.5 × Height 23cm 

○ Body: 3kg 

○ Air Volume: (Strong) 368L / Minute (medium) 318 L / min (weak) 220 L / min 
○ Power supply: AC 100 V to 240 V 
○ Power consumption: 4.5 W 

1 year after purchase 

Strong, medium and weak wind volume switching by controller. 
You can set the operation time to 1H, 2H, 4H, 8H with the timer function. 
External dimensions 12 × 6.5 × 2 cm 
Weight 150 g 
Cable length 255 cm 

· Cancellation after ordering the product, size difference, image difference, other returned goods / exchanges due to customer's convenience can not be accepted. 


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