Smartphone type camera Spy camera Spiders X (A-613)

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Description of Item

◎ Spiders X constantly running ahead of the new era! Many original original products developed by our own! 
◎ Always design and develop specialized engineers! From high design technology and rich experience birth of reliable quality products! 
◎ Even though it looks the same, spider X has a different content! Japanese companies firmly quality control! 
◎ Variety of models are appearing one after the other according to the situation! The only brand that meets professional requirements! 
◎ Over 300 species of spy items! Pioneer brand of compact camera SPYDERS-X! 

★ The first bullet of the authentic pro series completely supervised by a professional detective is finally completed! ★ 
★ It only looks like a smartphone! Developer also surprised perfection! Professional commitment requested items ★ 
★ Up to 18 hours of operation! It can operate for a long time even if it is thin and light! Super power saving type ★

- Ultra-power saving IC chip loading, battery lasts! Up to about 18 hours operation possible! 
● Thin and light! Lightweight type with a total weight of 108 g even for long-lasting batteries! 
● Looks like a smartphone! No discomfort anywhere you use! Developer also surprised perfection! 
● Motion detection mode with one push! Easily switch anytime! 
● Even with smartphone type charger function installed! External equipment can be charged as a mobile battery! 
- Special attached to the original 2A rapid charge cable that can be used with iPhone or Andoroid! 
【1】 Model with ultra power saving IC chip! Realizing long-time recording even with lightweight type! 
【2】 Simple design of 1 button easy for anyone to operate! 
【3】 Continue recording with overwriting even if the memory is insufficient with the repeat recording function! 
【4】 Saving memory cards by sensing movement by motion detection function! 
【5】 Designed just like a smartphone! Hide the microSD card securely with the cover seal on the back! 
【6】 Easy setting of date and time setting absolutely necessary for evidence from PC! 
【7】 With motion detection function & external power supply function, it can also be used for crime prevention as a surveillance camera! 
【8】 Just by connecting with a personal computer with a dedicated USB cable, you can easily check, transfer and delete data! 
【9】 With a gentle curve to reduce reflection of the table on the body! It is easy to have familiar hands well! 
【10】 Can also be used as a charger! IPhone and Andoroid can be connected with special attached cable!
■ The future items seen in cartoons, animation, movies reality! Actually there are proven recruitment even in many detective offices! 
■ Conference and record of daily life! To collect evidence to protect yourself such as stalkers and sexual harassment, DV and blackmail! 
■ Do not miss a decisive moment! To protect an important person from abuse such as a caregiver or a babysitter! 
■ This product is intended to be used for crime prevention to protect yourself and important families, property etc.

Spec of Item

Product function
· Movie shooting 
· Motion detection function 
· External power supply function 
· Repeat recording 
· Charger function 

Movie file 1920 × 1080px 

Frame rate ~ 18FPS 

Viewing angle About 55 ° 

Built-in microphone Yes 

Memory 4GB Greater than 4 microSD-microSDHC Recommended Maximum 32GB compatible 
※ There is compatibility with media cards, not guarantee compatibility with all manufacturers and standards. 
※ This product microSD card is not included. 

Interface USB 2.0 

Operating time Approximately 18 hours 
* It is a standard of battery performance at the time of initial full charge. 
* It varies depending on the usage environment of the customer. 
* Battery running time is the theoretical value and it does not guarantee operating time. 

Battery Lithium-ion rechargeable battery 

Charging method USB bus power / AC adapter (sold separately) 

Product size Approximately 65 × 134 × 10 mm 

Weight Approximately 103 g 

Waterproof Non-waterproof 

Operating temperature 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ 

Operating humidity 20 to 80% or less (non condensing) 

Supported OS Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / VISTA / XP (Operation confirmed) 

Producer Japan-China 

Warranty period One month after product arrival

Set contents
1. Product body 
USB connection cable 3. iOS Android dual purpose USB charging cable (OL-205) 
4. Rear cover panel (2 pieces) 
5. Reset pin 
6. Special pouch 
7. Japanese operation manual 
8. Product warranty 

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