Pen clip type camera Spy camera Spider X (P-360)

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Description of Item

◎ Spiders X constantly running ahead of the new era! Many original original products developed by our own! 
◎ Always design and develop specialized engineers! From high design technology and rich experience birth of reliable quality products! 
◎ Even though it looks the same, spider X has a different content! Japanese companies firmly quality control! 
◎ Variety of models are appearing one after the other according to the situation! The only brand that meets professional requirements! 
◎ Over 300 species of spy items! Pioneer brand of compact camera SPYDERS-X! 

★ Adjustable to free angle with 180 degree angle free! Lens can be hidden by rotating 180 degrees! ★ 
★ Super lightweight! Because you can use everyday as an MP3 player, you can carry it naturally everyday! 

● Rotate the lens while keeping the camera fixed! 180 degree rotary lens not bound by installation angle! 
● If you attach earphones with the lens facing backwards, it is a complete MP3 player! Carrying music and camera! 
● Approximately 39 grams of ultra light body & clip with clip clinging to the bag and easy to carry around! 
- Equipped with easy-to-read LCD display! Icons are displayed every time they are operated so it is difficult to misoperate! 
● Motion Detection Function & Repeat Recording & With external power supply function, it can also be used for crime prevention while you are away as a surveillance camera! 
● Do not miss decisive evidence with a voice recorder even when you can not use the camera! 
● Evidence compilation of power harassment and sexual harassment, recording of conferences, daily crime prevention, use in various scenes! 

[1] Since the camera lens can be freely moved 180 degrees with a rotatable movable lens, fine angle adjustment is possible! 
【2】 Capture sharp images to details! Super high performance lens FullHD 1080P image quality! 
【3】 FullHD / HD with large screen, Movie size can be changed according to purpose! 
【4】 Easy operation by anyone with icon buttons that can be operated with intuition! 
【5】 Even in scenes where you can not point the dark or lens with a voice recorder! Record precious evidence! 
【6】 You can listen directly to the recorded data and imported MP3 data! Also supports loop / random playback! 
[7] Detect motion with the motion detection function and start recording! You can save memory. 
[8] If you connect to an optional AC adapter or portable battery, it also supports long-term recording! 
【9】 Repeat Recording When the memory capacity becomes full, overwrite it from the old file and save it!
【10】 Just by connecting with a personal computer with a dedicated USB cable, you can easily check, transfer and delete data! 
[11] Use microSD card convenient for data movement! Up to 32GB correspondence which can be saved for a long time 
[12] Raise the precision of evidence Easy setting of shooting date and time display! 

■ The future items seen in cartoons, animation, movies reality! Actually there are proven recruitment even in many detective offices! 
■ Conference and record of daily life! To collect evidence to protect yourself such as stalkers and sexual harassment, DV and blackmail! 
■ Do not miss a decisive moment! To protect an important person from abuse such as a caregiver or a babysitter! 
■ This product is intended to be used for crime prevention to protect yourself and important families, property etc.

Spec of Item

Product function
· Movie shooting 
· Voice recorder 
· Motion detection function 
· External power supply function 
· Recurrent recording 
· Rotary movable lens (manual) 
· Music playback function 


Movie resolution

1920 × 1080px, 1280 × 720px 

Still image resolution
1920 × 1080px 

Viewing angle (horizontal)
About 52 ° 
※ Viewing angle is measured by actual measurement . 

Movie format

Movie compression format

Overwrite recording

Number of frames
~ 28FPS (When selecting 1080P: ~ 18FPS) 

4GB or more microSDHC recommended for Class 10 Maximum 32GB compatible 
※ Media card has compatibility and guarantees compatibility with all manufacturers It is not something to do. 
* If you use cards less than Class 10, frame jump may occur on the screen. 
※ This product microSD card is not included. 

About 39 g 

Body size
Approximately 143 × 15 × 18.5mm (Total length × diameter × Thickness) 

Charging method
USB connection / AC adapter 

Charging time
About 2 hours 

Continuous operation time
Recording: Maximum about 45 minutes 
※ Time is measured value in new condition. 
※ The operating time varies depending on the usage environment. 

Recording Save Time
Up to Approximately 40 Minutes (Multiple Files are Created) 
* Storage time varies depending on the usage environment. 
* Storage time is not an operation time. 

[Supported OS]
Windows 7/8/10 

Power source
Lithium-ion battery 200 mAh 

Input voltage
DC 5 V 1A 

Waterproof function

Producer country


Product warranty
1 month from product arrival date 
※ In any case for refund after opening I will not respond. 

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