Wi-Fi Flexible Scope Camera (Takumi Brand Zombie Series) "Z-F 001"-camera wireless

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Description of Item

◎ Flexible scope camera with complete wireless use

■ Flexible code camera 
freely invade into narrow gaps! A camera that can shoot with a cord tip even in a narrow place, a winding place. 

■ It corresponds to Smartphone compatible 
Android · iOS smartphone. You can check the video from the tip of the code at hand. 

■ Completely wireless use possible Because 
Wi-Fi direct transmission exclusive use machine, both smartphone and wireless. If you charge it you do not need a power cord! 

■ High luminance LED light The high bright LED light is mounted 
around the camera lens. It can be used for near distance shooting in dark places such as in pipes. 

■ IP67 waterproof performance IP67 waterproof performance 
capable of flood photography with lens and cord parts. 
※ The grip body is non waterproof. Please be careful. 

■ External power supply operation It 
is possible to operate by connecting with the USB - AC adapter. It is possible to operate for a long time. 

■ Convenient Items Attached 
There are 3 items "Hook", "Magnet" and "Mirror" that can be attached to the tip of the lens.

Spec of Item

Product Function

· Movie shooting (No sound) 
· Photo 
· LED light 
· External power operation 

Color: Black 

Movie resolution: 640 × 480px 

Viewing angle (horizontal): Movie: about 46 ° 
※ Viewing angle is measured. 

Movie format: MOV 
Compression format: M-JPEG 
Overwrite recording: None 
Number of frames: ~ 24FPS 
Memory: None 
※ Capacity depends on smartphone. 
Weight: Approximately 430 g 
Body size:
Total length: Approx. 950 mm
(Lens cable: Approx. 740 mm
[Camera head: Approximately 60 mm included] 
Grip: Approx 210 mm) 
Lens part diameter approx. 10 mm 

Charging method: USB connection / AC adapter 
Charging Time: About 4 hours 
Wi-Fi operation time: Up to about 2 hours 
Recording save time:
Depends on the capacity of the smartphone to connect. 
Supported OS: Android · iOS 
Power supply: Lithium-ion battery 600 mAh 
Input voltage: DC 5 V 1A 
Waterproof function: IP 67 
※ For lens tip and flexible cable only 
※ The grip part is non-waterproof. Please be careful. 
Producer country: China-Japan

Product warranty:
1 month from the date of product arrival 
※ In no case will refund refund after opening. 

Main body · USB cable · AC adapter · 3 items for lens · Japanese simplified instructions / warranty 
※ Accessories subject to change without notice. 

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