iPhone 6Plus / 6sPlus smartphone battery case type camera Spy camera small Spiders X (A-607) 1080P H.264 64GB compatible

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Description Product

◎ Spiders X opens a new era -. We are developing other rare items not elsewhere!

◎ Extremely popular Spider X, which leads the industry with numerous innovative technical inventions!

◎ Completely original design by unique product design that can only be done by Spider X!

◎ Spy items gathered cutting-edge technologies to meet the high requirements of professionals!

◎ Types and number of items to be overwhelmed by other types of digits! Spiders X boasts a famous brand power!

★ iPhone 6Plus mockup set for natural carrying around possible! Smart battery case type!

★ ★ The first battery case type that can be used in the sense of smart! Moreover, large capacity 64GB memory correspondence!

★ ● In town, at office, at home ... smart battery case type that can shoot in various places!

● Because you can see only the battery case on the smartphone, you can freely adjust the angle!

● I am familiar with hands because it is a smartphone that I got. Now a mock-up that looks just like it comes with a bonus!

● High image quality lens adoption! Full-high 1080P high-quality recording & picture The picture is clear with 12 million pixel storage!

● Easy operation just by pressing a button! Because it is a flat button, it is hard to misoperate! - Repeat recording & strongest crime prevention against continuous recording with external power supply function! - A new function, secret memory which installed microSD card insertion slot in the cover!

● Prevention and proof of familiar problems! Use it in various scenes such as collection of evidence of power harassment and sexual harassment, recording of conferences, daily crime prevention, etc.!

【1】 Super high performance lens FullHD 1080P Image quality adopted! You can take clear video footage to details!

【2】 High quality photo shoot of 4032 × 3024px with 12 million pixel preservation! Do not miss a critical moment!

【3】 Compression standard with excellent image quality maintaining quality. H.264 CODEC system adopted!

【4】 Easy operation by anyone! Excellent operability! Reliable design just push buttons according to the purpose!

【5】 Recording while charging with a convenient external power supply function is also possible!

【6】 Just by connecting with a personal computer with a dedicated USB cable, you can easily check, transfer and delete data! [7] Increase the precision of evidence Easy setting of shooting date and time display!

【8】 Realize clear voice recording with super high performance microphone! To proof evident with clear sound reproduction! [9] Use microSD card convenient for data movement! Large capacity 64 GB memory compatible for long time recording saving possible!

■ Film and dream high-tech items reality! A spy item that a professional detective also practices!

■ Evidence collection item to protect yourself in daily life such as stalkers and suspicious people, DV damage!

■ To protect important people such as nursing homes and babysitters as suspected abuse.

■ This product is intended for crime prevention and security to protect important family and property. ※ You can use it for crime prevention

Description Product Spec and Ability

【Product function】

· Movie shooting · Still image shooting (12 million pixel saving)

· Recurrent recording

· External power supply function

· Auto recording function (only when using external power supply)

【Movie storage size】 1920 × 1080px

【Compression method】 H. 264

【Frame Rate】 ~ 30 FPS

【Still Image Storage Size】 4032 × 3024 px

【Viewing Angle】 About 50 °

【Built-in Microphone】 Yes

【Compatible Memory】 microSD-microSDXC Recommended for 8GB Class 4 or Largest 64GB Compatibility

* Supports 64GB or more microSD Card It may not be recognized as a removable disk.

* If it is not recognized, please try the format with this product.

※ There is compatibility with the media card, not all manufacturers, guarantee compatibility with standards. ※ This product microSD card is not included.

【Interface】 USB 2.0

【Operating time】 Recording: About 8 hours

※ It is a standard of battery performance at the initial full charge.

* It will change depending on the usage environment of the customer.

* Battery running time is the theoretical value and it does not guarantee operating time.

【Charging method】 USB bus power / AC adapter (sold separately)

【Battery】 lithium ion rechargeable battery [Product size] Main body: Approximately 80 × 168 × 20 mm / Mock up: Approximately 78 × 158 × 7 mm   【Weight】 Main body: Approximately 153 g / Mock up: Approximately 181 g

【Waterproof】 Non waterproof

【Operating temperature】 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

【 Operating humidity] 20 to 80% or less (non condensing) [Supported OS] Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / VISTA / XP (Operation confirmed)

【Producer】 China-Japan

【Warranty Period】 One month after product arrival

【 Set contents] 1. Product body 2. USB connection cable 3. Card cover 4. Blindfold seal 5. iPhone 6 Plus mockup (gold) 6. Japanese operation manual 7. Product warranty card

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