Cool cushion exclusively for air-conditioning Za-da car

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Cool biz air conditioning clothes

Description of Item

By flowing a large amount of air parallel to the body and evaporating sweat instantly it will bring optimum cooling effect! 
Air enters from the feet, goes through the back and goes through the back and always your back and bumper refreshing , Driving for a long time is also refreshing!

cool feeling] "Cool cushion", the contact surface between the seat and the body does not have a place to escape heat and moisture, it will gradually become uncomfortable if it sits for a long time. 

If you use "cool cushion", you can spend a lot of outside air inside the cushion with a large fan, so you can spend refreshingly comfortable without refraining from heat and moisture on the seating surface. 

By using the patented super spacer in the air flow passage, the comfort is not harmed. 
Even if you sit forever, it will not get stuck, so it is a perfect item in the car. 
The energy to use is also much less than air conditioners, etc., and it is a product with consideration for the environment.

Spec of Item

○ Body: Horizontal 41cm X Vertical 130cm 
○ Belt (one side): 30cm 

○ Main body: 786g 

○ Air blowing volume: (Strong) 124 L / min (weak) 80 L / min 
○ Power supply: Cigarette power supply 12/24 V correspondence 
○ Power consumption: 1.2 W 

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